About ICT.com.mm

The Beginnings

Myanmar ICT Journal was born in 2013 as weekly journal publications focused on news and development of Information and Communications Technology in Myanmar. Started out with 3 team members and published thousands weekly. After couple of months, ICT journal built over 30 strong team members filled with editors, content writers and it’s own distributions channels. Due to strong demand of online readership, the journal quickly set up proper online news website at www.myanmarict.com.

As technology transform people’s habits, Myanmar ICT journal quickly adapts the trend. As readers started consuming their daily digests online from a variety of sources in Myanmar.  Myanmar ICT focus on developing the next trend in 2015. The Online Shopping.

ICT.com.mm – Beta

Team at Myanmar ICT want to give a proper online shopping experience to people in Myanmar and started building an online platform with Myanmar Developers and Designers. Yes, it takes more than two years but as a result, the team comes up with real live credit card transaction with proper calculation on delivery with a variety of delivery options.

Trying to simplify user experience on shopping ICT products online, the ICT team simply rename website address to ICT.com.mm.

ICT.com.mm use all standard technology available right now in the world and the team make sure users feel safe, secure, and effortless to check things out as well.

Moreover, the ICT.com.mm management team built a strong relationship with all retailers and distributor in ICT industry since 2002. Thus, with the support of all parties, ICT.com.mm can guarantee their products will be genuine and their services will be second to none in Myanmar online marketplace.

ICT.com.mm launched as beta version on February 16, 2018.